i'm an intemperate dreamer in a blue environment.

.The past and the future merge to decompose me. they all stare backwards into my eyes. bang. shockwaves. the main part of life was displayed from a dusty monochromatic high angle. the ocean. the ocean. the ocean. it tried to change me. it tried to make me easier, to smile at everything, ask less. drowned in the depths…but what are you gonna do if I blind my eyes, deafen my ears?

I tried to swim submerged in the water. bump. a narrow way veiled in red light. where am i? the blood. so i drank my wine and it did not sink me in anymore. floating upwards. aurora. my scar healed into a smile. i was the magician. so i may have left you just as perplexed about who i am. I’m just an intemperate dreamer in a blue environment. #doyoureallyseeme



photoexhibiton | photography and exhibition-display / salzburger barockmuseum, salzburg


dance of urgency.

exhibition display & photography: Sam Beklik / exhibition curated by Bogomir Doringer / frei_raum Q21 - MuseumsQuartier Wien.

Sam Beklik - Dance Of Urgency - Q21 - MuseumsQuartier - Wien

mozart mantel.

costume design: sam beklik, mag. mignon ritter / mozarteum university salzburg | inaugurationsfeier | 2018.

Sam Beklik - Mozart Mantel - Mozarteum University Salzburg

art horny?

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I am currently looking for everyone who realized they have the skills in photography, modeling, all fashionistas, hairstylists, makeup artists, musicians, video makers, promoters, artist assistants and everyone who is interested in taking part in my future projects! i need all of you in ensuring the success of the projects that i will be having starting today. i will be happy if i was able to inspire you through my works, but i will be happier if you are willing to extend a helping hand to me right now! i assure you that you will benefit as well when you choose to take part in my future projects. if you are interested, please do not hesitate to fill out the form that you can see below. if you are in need of more information before you apply, please feel free to get in touch with me. so what are you still waiting for? let’s make collaboration now!